10 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About Thunder Vpn Reviews

Speed: Is Thunder Vpn Lightning-Fast?

The connection speeds were impressive, and we are not exaggerating. In 2-3 seconds, you can connect to Thunder Vpn Reviews any of the 9 servers. This is quite impressive.

The downside is that our speed tests with the free VPN client weren't too impressive. We had these speeds prior to launching Thunder VPN:

Download speed: 46 Mbit/s

Upload speed: 43 Mbit

Ping: 3 ms

Thunder VPN free servers speed test:

Next, we connected with most Thunder VPN servers for free to determine if they would change the trend of low speeds almost exactly like the others. Here's what we found.

Thunder Vpn supports my device?

Thunder VPN is currently only available on Android. Installation and usage of the app are simple.

Thunder Vpn App For Android

When you first launch Android, you will need to agree with the Terms of Service. Then, you need to okay the Connection request. Tap Ok.

This request confirms that Thunder VPN will "monitor traffic to networks," something we don't believe is in the policy. To continue, you must tap OK.

Now you are at the Home screen. All you need to do is tap the Connect button to connect to the fastest server for your location.

If, however, you want to choose any of the 9 server locations, tap the Thunder icon in the upper right corner. From there it's also possible to select "Free" or "Fastest servers" which is really a different name for their premium subscription ones.

While we do like the concept of only needing one tap to alter your current location, You don't need to disconnect separately. Unfortunately, not all of these 9 locations will provide you with the IP you're expecting. We found that, while we connected to the Netherlands server and our IP leak tested showed an odd French IP.

Same for Japan Server, but it results in Beijing, China IP. This could prove to be very dangerous, given China's poor record in privacy.

It's free, so there are annoying ads from third parties after you launch the app and connect or disconnect.

Thunder Vpn support torrenting

We can confirm that Thunder VPN works with Bit. But, torrent is not possible with such privacy. This VPN service keeps all your personal information that can identify you and your physical location. The problem with logging... Do the math. Look elsewhere if you don’t want to face DMCA penalties and fines.

Pricing: Is Thunder Vpn Worth It?

The basic app is "free forever," however, there are pricing plans that give you access to their premium servers.

This means that you're able to choose "Free" and three different pricing plans that remove nasty third party ads.

They're charging a high price for a product that doesn't offer much and that only offers an Android app.

Is it worth getting Thunder Vpn

Concluding our Thunder VPN review, we must say that its premium service is subpar, whereas the free version is just not worth the hassle. Both plans offer ridiculous levels of online privacy and security. We don't believe this provider will protect our anonymity. It's worth thinking twice.

Thunder VPN will allow you to gain access to geo-blocked content if there is nothing to lose. You can also forget about Thunder VPN, and instead get premium VPN to provide the highest level of protection.

Is Thunder Vpn Safe

Thunder VPN Review before Installing

Thunder VPN is a VPN app which you get for no cost. It has very poor security. It can be hacked at any time because it does not have the latest tunneling protocol. It is also vulnerable to hackers because it does not have a kill switch function that will prevent the password you shared from being read by someone else. With a rating of 4.8 stars and 368k votes on Google Play Store, this app has 10 million users. We think it's one of the worst apps we've tested so far, too!

VPN Service with slow processing speed, free but not secure

Company that isn't professional, and doesn’t offer support to its apps in the need of being updated

Hackers are constantly exposed to data because there is no Kill switch.


Lack of anonymity-IP address is easily traceable

Thunder. VPN can unlock: Netflix and BBC i. Netflix and BBC i can be unblocked by VPN.