How To Get More Results Out Of Your Free Vpn Review

Thunder Vpn Speeds Enough to Gaming There are no

It is best to avoid using this VPN if your connection is low. The reason I did not recommend it for gaming was that the server I used lost half of its baseline speed. Thunder VPN is a good choice if you have high-speed internet. It can stream in HD with Thunder VPN at speeds up to 4Mbps.

Server Network Can Fail Sometimes Thunder VPN's complimentary version can have problems with its server network. Servers are located in just 8 countries (UK, France and Canada), Germany and France respectively, as well as the Netherlands.

It is an upgrade as the VIP version includes more countries, bringing it to 10. Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland, India, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the US South are just a few of the countries that have been added. It is important that Asia coverage has been expanded because they are often criticized as being Euro-centric.

Thunder VPN's Free Version has Servers in 8 Countries. As a rule, being close to servers will result in a more enjoyable experience. However, make sure that the server space does not become overloaded by too many users. Thunder VPN has limited servers and a lot of registered users. As such, it can sometimes be slow.

It integrates a signal-meter to show the strength and connect you to the optimized server. This is based on the location of your computer. Sometimes, you will see none of the servers has a green signal, thus indicating that the server network is occasionally weak.

You won't find any servers with city optimization that provide ping, upload, and download speeds. This will help you to choose intercity servers. The only country where they have made small efforts to create area-based servers is the US, where they have East, West, and South servers.

One of the best features is the fact that the app allows you to change between VPN servers immediately without having to disconnect from it. This app takes just 2-3 seconds to switch servers, which is impressive.

Is Thunder Vpn a good option for China? No

Thunder VPN doesn't use opaque servers that can be bypassed by China's tightcensorship. Obfuscated servers prevent networks from detecting that you are using a VPN. They can be found in VPNs which use Open. VPN protocol.


Thunder VPN is not possible in China if the SSL protocol is used. The Great China Firewall showed me their URL and it was not blocked. This issue is not covered by their support staff, so I will stick with what I know.

Thunder Vpn can unblock Netflix

No. Thunder VPN won't allow you to unblock US-exclusive TV shows.

Watch the Netflix streaming tests and see other websites.

Do Thunder Vpn reduce my speed?

Your speeds might drop by up to half. Due to the fact that there are only a few servers, the free version can be slow.

Thunder Vpn Test Report

Thunder VPN, an Android-based app service, is slow and leaves security holes and privacy gaps due to their logging policies. Old tunneling protocol. No kill switch function. Data encryption is not secure. Doesn't unblock any streaming service. This service is completely free, but could compromise your privacy.

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Thunder VPN boasts of having 5+ million downloads from the Google Play store. However, is this enough to make Thunder VPN so popular?

This review will examine Thunder VPN and answer some of your most pressing questions. What is its encryption level? Is it able to unblock Netflix and allow torrenting? Finally, should you depend on it for your privacy?

This is what the primarily-free tool can offer.

Does Thunder Vpn Keep Logs?

Thunder VPN has the shortest legal documentation we have ever encountered. The Usage Policy and Privacy Policy are included in one Terms of Service document. You may believe you're protected if you go through the Privacy Policy section.

"We are committed t your privacy. We don't collect traffic data, Thunder Vpn Reviews browsing activity, or other information from individuals connecting to our VPN," says the company. But, it is important to not be satisfied by what they say, which is "no logging" claims. You can read on for more.

"When you register on the site, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including your billing and e-mail address and payment information." You cannot register on the site, and you don't need to provide any information when installing the Thunder VPN Android app. The legal document then informs that you "can access and update your personal details by logging onto the Site". This means there is no way to log into any other website or webpage.

This isn't all. The situation gets much worse. Below is the list of sensitive information they might collect about you when you use this app.

IP address

Internet Service Provider

OS version